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feminist vegetarian secular Ásatrú reconstructionist.

this is a display of artistic ideas to help bring life to the comprehensive themes of nature, the struggles of reality, the brutality of survival, but also the wonderment and the solemness that lie therein.

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Pierced globe, Mamluk period, late 13th–early 14th century Syria, Damascus
"Spherical incense burners, few of which have survived, were hung from the ceiling or from the vault of an arch, and the ingenious system of gimbals (also called cardan joints) inside the sphere stabilized the burning incense in the swinging container."

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Gracia Scale Top

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Spanish Legion Goat

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Chalcocite and Djurleite with Chalcopyrite

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Gama !

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Gymnosomata, commonly known as Sea Angels. An apt name- the sea angels are the ethereal, translucent, fluttering angels of the sea. 

In hard scientific terms, they’re small swimming sea slugs, but we’ll pass over that for now and just admire how delicately beautiful these wonderful creatures are.

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